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Council of Europe Enhancing decentralisation and
public administration reform in Ukraine


Opinion on the draft law on Local Government Service

17 August 2022

We invite you to read the recent Council of Europe opinion on the draft law on service in local self-government bodies (No. 6504), CEGG/LEX(2022)1 of 5 August 2022.

The document was prepared by the Centre of Expertise for Good Governance, Department of Democracy and Governance, Directorate General II – Democracy of the Council of Europe within the Programme “Enhancing decentralisation and public administration reform in Ukraine”, in response to a request of the Specialised Parliamentary Committee on Local Self-Government.

This draft law represents an important step towards harmonising the civil service in central government with that in local self-governments. Its adoption would lead to improvements compared to the current situation. However, several areas of concern remain, where further action should be considered.